Heart-Breaking Image as "Alan" Calamity again at Shores of #Lebanon

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 16 March, 2017
Image of Syrian kid Rasoul Shehadeh

#ElDorar AlShamia:

Lebanon’s army said on Wednesday the body of a Syrian child was founded at the shore near the hunters’ port in “Abdah”, Akkar, north of the country.

This incident once again brought to mind the image of the famous child-Alan , a Syrian Kurd whose little dead body was moved by sea waves on the Turkish beach while trying to migrate with his family to Europe.


The army command in a statement said: "members of the army found the body of a Syrian refugee kid, Rasoul Mamdouh Shehadeh on the seashore near the hunters port in Abdah of Akkar."

The Lebanese army likely said that the death of the child "Shehadeh" is because he had fallen in the river, noting that his father had sought for him in the river, accompanied by other people without being found.

He pointed out that the father of the child, "Shehadeh" informed Abddah” station yesterday that his son, "Rasoul" disappeared at 14:30 local time (Lebanon), while he was near his tent near the river of Nahr al-Bared.

Simple Dreams

Rasoul’s dreams were simple and did not have any difference with that who fled with his family from the hell and the ravages of the Syrian regime is certainly is not different from the dreams of "Alan" and about the millions of Syrian children who are looking for safe dreams .