6-Year Losses to Assad Troops & Iranian Militias and Revolutionary Factions

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 12 March, 2017
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#ElDorar AlShamia:

The Syrian Revolution comes close to its sixth year, where the eighteenth of March is the anniversary of the outbreak of the revolution that turned to armed struggle months on its start because of the massive amount of violence used by the Syrian regime in suppressing popular peaceful protests.

The Statistics Unit of ElDorar network has documented in collaboration with multiple military sources to statistical approximations to the number of the Syrian regime forces losses, and various Iranian-backed militias over the past six years.

The number of deaths under the command of the official Assad regime’s forces estimated to 67,000 soldiers, where each of the Third, the Forth, the Seventh and the Ninth Divisions inflicted the largest portion of losses, while as the loss of so-called "militias National Defense", which are parallel forces to the official estimated to 31,000 militants.

The "southern countryside of Latakia, Tartous, and the western countryside of Hama as well as western Homs countryside  come in the first row as areas that got heavy deaths within the ranks of the Syrian regime forces and militias of National Defense.

Iranian-backed militias losses

Lebanese militia of Hezbollah’s death toll came first among the Iran-backed militias fight in Syria, in terms of the human losses in Syria estimated to 2700 fighters, while the rest the Iraqi and Afghan militias’ losses are 3600 militants, led by the Afghan Brigade "Fatemion" and the Iraqi movement of Nujaba’.

The Iran's Revolutionary Guards  , the Special Forces and Iranian brigade-65  losses estimated to 1,300 people, where the losses of this category has increased significantly by the end of 2015 on.

Revolutionary factions losses

Statistics indicate that the revolutionary factions losses estimated at 26,700 fighters as follows (Ahrar al-Sham, Jaish al-Islam ,Fateh al-Sham\al-Nusra, and Lewaa’ al-Tawhid) as well as the factions of FSA all together have 9 thousand ones.

It is noteworthy that in 2016, especially the first half of it, has seen an increase in the height of the casualties of the revolutionary factions and because of Russian direct military intervention that began the end of September / September 2015.