Women arrests &14 Palestinians in International Women’s Day

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 9 March, 2017

#ElDorar AlShamia:

Israeli forces arrested at dawn on Thursday, 14 Palestinians, including an MP for Hebron ,Samira Halaiqa during incursions and raids across the West Bank.

Palestinian sources said: The forces raided the house of an MP for the Hamas movement in Hebron , Samira Halaiqa, and it wreaked havoc before arresting her and confiscated her computer, has been transferred to an unknown destination.

It is noteworthy that this is the first time that MP Halaiqa been arrested, in conjunction with the world celebrate of the International Women's Day.

Meanwhile, the military force of the Israeli army stormed the town of “Ezna” west of Hebron, and arrested a Palestinian woman Samia Younis Abu Jehishah after they raided on her house in the town.

The forces arrested at dawn two freed prisoners “Jihad Nashata  and Atef Taim” after raiding their homes in the town of Qabalan south of Nablus, and being searched and tampering in.

Israeli patrols also stormed the eastern town of “al-laban” and arrested the young man, Suleiman Mohamed al-Sayed from his home.

In the same context, Israeli forces stormed the city of Tulkarem, and arrested three Palestinians, two known only (a student at the University of Khadouri, Muthana al-Masri and Mohammed Abu Hamra).

In Qalqilya, local sources said that the Israeli forces arrested the young man, Mahmoud Kayed Abu Adwan, at a sudden roadblock ambush on the road to the city of Hebron, and another forces arrested Nedal Hussein, at a checkpoint near the village of Jit, took him to an unknown destination.

In the city of Jerusalem, the Israeli army has arrested at dawn today freed prisoners Ahmed Mtiri and Mahmoud Al-Lozi, from the Kalandia refugee camp north of the city, and two other young men from the towns of Qatanna and Ram were arrested near the city.

In the village of Budrus, west of Ramallah, Israeli forces arrested a young man Hazem Mahmoud Hanoun, after they broke into his family home and was transferred to the western region and from there to an unknown destination.

As the Israeli forces stormed the town of Rafat , Salfit and arrested Imad Raja Ayash and took him to an unknown destination.

For his part, the Israeli army said in a statement released today morning: that its forces arrested eight Palestinians, describing them as "wanted"; on charges of activities related to the resistance against the soldiers and settlers.

It should be noted the arrest of MP Halayqia, the number of detainees in the Israeli prisons of the of Palestinian MPs rises to 10, including Marwan Barghouti, (Fateh movement sentenced to life in prison five times) and Ahmad Saadat, (for the "People's Front), who is sentenced to 30 years, In addition to 8 members of "change and reform parliamentary bloc”.