US Sponsors YPG Militia of #Manbej

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 8 March, 2017

ElDorar AlShamia:

The United States stressed the protection of the presence and protection units of the Kurdish people "YPG" in the eastern countryside of Aleppo in Manbej city in a move aimed to prevent "the Euphrates Shield" forces of control over the city.

It is coinciding with the start of the attacks launched by Free Syrian Army and Turkish forces under the "the Euphrates Shield" western Manbej, the military Council of Manbej announced intention to hand over the line of contact with the operation forces to the border guard forces of the Syrian regime flying the Russian flag over the villages in which the aid convoy entered in Russian armored vehicles and trucks as Council recently announced that the city would remain under the protection of the US-led international coalition forces, except for the western villages will be go to the Assad regime forces but that has not been yet.

The Military Council of Manbej as a part of the alliance of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), backed by the United States and dominated by the People's Protection Units Kurdish YPG milita.

Declared US Protection

US State Department spokesman Mark Toner said on Wednesday that the presence of his country's troops in Manbej of Syria is "to avoid any escalation of unnecessary or unintentional tension in the place of  which seen a very high variable conditions" adding "I think I speak here in general, the atmosphere there (in the vicinity of Manbej) is very complex, where there is, frankly, a number of forces all of them seeking the expulsion of IS group. "

Toner addressed a message to all the troops that are over there, to continue more focusing on fighting IS organization and direct their efforts to defeat it, and not to the other goals can denounce the ongoing campaign of the Alliance."

A spokesman for the international coalition forces in Iraq, said that US forces have begun last week, patrolling near Manbej "in order to reassure members of the coalition and its allies, and to prevent the attacks, and continue to focus on the defeat of IS group."

Russian Attempts

Russia tried to take part in the battles and understandings taking place around Manbej, and that Russian media sources announced more than once supposed agreements and the Assad regime is a party, but the facts have proven to be incorrect, said Russian sources, Friday past, he said that Assad's forces but they began to take over villages near Manbej line separator between them and the "the Euphrates Shield” but the military junta in Manbej talked about receiving protection from the United States and the international coalition.

The spokesman for the council, Shirvan Darwish, said that the "symbolic" shipment of the "humanity materials " of Russian aid had been delivered to Manbej authorities, on the third of Marchee, south of the city, via the crossing opened  recently from the West of the regime’s side.

It published pictures of the council’s militias which raise the Russian flag along with theirs, as a letter addressed to the Turkish side.

Turkey’s Dissatisfaction

Turkish Prime Minister Ben Ali Yildirim called for coordination between his country and the United States, on cleanse Syria of "terrorist groups."

Turkey says the Democratic Union of the PYD, and its armed wing YPG an extension of the PKK which is classified internationally in the terrorist black-list.

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been questioned openly the American intentions, and said that the United States is stalling and dragging its feet on previous promises, not to keep Manbej under the control of the militia, vowing to free Manbej, openly questioned in that Washington is fighting againstIS group at all  , he said, it (US) claims in public statements only, as Turkish officials claimed not to engage in the battle of YPG in Raqqa , but it is waging an ongoing campaign under an aerial cover of the international coalition in the region.

A spokesman for the international coalition has confirmed they do not  support "the Euphrates Shield " since its inception, and despite the criticism of Turkish officials, however, the United States refrained from supporting Turkey in its fight against IS organization in northern Syria, and insisted on the support of the militia.