A Commander of the Euphrates Shield: If Assad Forces Challenge our progress to Manbej we will Confront them

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 5 March, 2017

Events stepped up northeast of the city of Aleppo, after the Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) factions operating in "the Euphrates Shield" on made a new progress on al-Bab city, and perhaps the most prominent developments is the orientation towards Manbej city, controlled by units of the Kurdish protection militias (YPG), where FSA seized control of "Tal Turin and Qarah” villages west of Manbej, on Wednesday, and the fighting spread to the strategic town of Aerymah.

The military council of Manbej city, the pro-Kurdish units and operating under its supervision, to hand over the villages between al-Bab and Manbej in rural Aleppo to Russia announcing this in an official statement confirmed that the operation was carried out after the agreement held with Russia.

"Mohammad Jawani" ,known as Abu Zainab al-Hashimi, the military commander of the Syrian Jazeera rebels reported in remarks to ElDorar network that the Free Syrian Army factions participate in the Euphrates Shield operation rejected the move by the junta to Manbej fully and confirmed that military confrontations would break out between them and the Syrian regime forces if it comes to be face to face in the way of controlling of Manbej, pointing out that it had already erupted confrontations near “Sukariah” in the vicinity of al-Bab city.

As for US change of mood towards supporting the Kurdish militias or whether the militias may withdraw from Manbej, Jawani said: "political understandings are constantly changing and is not constant, but it is not expected  US to welcome any confrontation with the Euphrates Shield by the Kurdish militia, but that does not mean we will not fight them or hit them, we are Free Syrian Army are not committed to the positions of the United States or Russia, and did not abide by them from the very beginning when we fought the Assad regime. "

Concerning to the Turkey’s positions about the recent developments and US statements that stressed the need to involve "Kurds" in the war on "IS group", Jawani replied: "Turkey has a priority, which is to prevent the separatists from the establishment of their project, and prevent terrorist Daesh from being in the areas of the revolution, and this common goals between FSA and Turkey as well, I do not think that the two sides would abide the Russian or American attitudes if they try to prevent achieving these goals. "

He stressed that the operation of "Euphrates Shield" has the main goal of capturing the city of Manbej s a strategic one, denying at the same time, circulated news reporting the Free Syrian Army factions to prepare for moving some units to the city of Tal Abyad in preparation for the Battle of Raqqa.

He said that the town Tadef adjacent to al-Bab, which was held by the Syrian regime forces several days ago, is a legitimate aim for the factions of the Free Syrian Army, and the al-Assad regime’s seizing control over any town or region is unacceptable, because it (Assad regime) is the head of terrorism and the main founder off, he explained that the reason for the delay to enter "Tadef" is pressure put on the factions of the Euphrates Shield, as they were fighting on the front lines against  the Kurdish militia as well as the fighting against IS group, denying to be any reason relating to the commitment to Russia's desire.

"Jawani" confirmed  that efforts to form a unified army of the Syrian Revolution still exists, but the high frequency of battles and continuing on a daily basis, so such a plan will not stop until it comes true hopefully, pointing to the existence of an outline and a mechanism to ensure the success of this project, without giving a specific time period.

The Turkish foreign minister, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu" renewed his threat to Kurdish militia protection (YPG), and his country's readiness to bomb over if they did not go out of the city of Manbej in Aleppo countryside.