ElDorar’s sources: Manbej Field’s reality has not changed yet

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 3 March, 2017

#ElDorar AlShamia :

Identical field sources in the city of Manbej confirmed to ElDorar network  that field and the military dimensions in the city and its countryside, the western area in particular, are still the same, has not changed, denying the entry of the Syrian regime forces to the region.

The sources said that the western villages of the city, which lies adjacent to the zone controlled by the Euphrates Shield is still under the control of YPG militia up to the moment, operating within Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), saying there has been no change in the reality of control.

There are several small villages and towns adjacent to the region of “Aerymah” empty from any military presence, as a result of mine fields planted by IS militants before its withdrawal, the sources added.

The sources denied that the story announced today by the Russian General Staff, about the arrival of units of the Syrian regime's forces to the area south-west of the city of Manbej, controlled by YPG militia.

As for the city of Manbej, the General Staff of Russia said that Assad forces be introducing, next Friday, sources have pointed out that the YPG military points and barriers affiliate are still the same, there has been no change or emptying of these centers, and the militia reassure for residents that the city will continue to be controlled by the forces who kicked out IS group.

Increased worries among civilians of entering Assad's forces

The city of Manbej located eastern Aleppo countryside, controlled by SDF in August of 2016, has become the most secure areas of the bombing in northern Syria, which has led to the displacement of thousands of civilians towards the city of different regions.

The sources pointed out that Manbej city now has more than 700 thousand people, 400 of them are Manbej’s locals, and the rest are all driven from different provinces and cities (Homs, Deir al-Zour, Raqqa, Aleppo and Hama) pointing out that a state of fear and horror shocked civilians after Russian statements and the declaration of the Military Council for Manbej that the Assad regime will enter the region.

 ElDorar network interviewed one of the city’s residents, who preferred his name to be unknown for security reasons, saying: "There are entire families, especially from “al-Qusir ,Homs and Hama, wanted to the regime’s security branches, in addition to the presence of the families of Manbej, whose their sons operate in the FSA ranks, which will expose them to detention or torture by Assad's forces if they enter.

He added that the civilians in Manbej have no safe place to go any more because IS group is in the east areas, and if they decided to go to Kurdish areas (Hasakah and Qamishli), the self-management laws may be hard for them, and would face great insults, hence left choice but to go to the Euphrates Shield newly liberated areas, which are now almost safe. "

It should be noted that the presidency of the Russian General Staff, said Friday the 3rd. March that Assad's forces would enter areas controlled by YPG militia, in the city of Manbej -eastern countryside of Aleppo.

Also it is preceded by a declaration of the military council of Manbej city operates within SDF, on Thursday, that it will begin to deliver western Manbej villages to the Syrian regime forces agreeing with Russia.