New crisis rocking the Hezbollah, Would this weaken its military capabilities?

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 1 March, 2017

#ElDorar AlShamia :

Israeli military intelligence revealed on Wednesday a new crisis facing "Hezbollah" Lebanese militia. It is the severe lack of human element has an inability to recruit more young Shiites, in Hezbollah, which has been fighting alongside Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria for five years in order to bury the Syrian Revolution, it has a large number of dead militants during the ongoing battles with the factions of the rebels, while Shiite youth in Lebanon refuses to be recruited.

Recruitment crisis

The head of Israeli military intelligence, Hrtse Halevy, in his hearing on Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee of the Knesse saidt: "it is estimated that (Hezbollah) will not enter into any confrontation with Israel; Because human crisis that is currently facing them because of the ongoing fighting in Syria."

Halevy added: (Hezbollah) is very frustrating because of the large number of dead in the fighting in Syria, and finds it difficult to recruit new members, especially as the militia’s generation of soldiers approaching 60 years."

The Israeli military official noted that "Hezbollah" will not enter into a military confrontation with "Israel" only after the end of fighting in Syria, explaining that at the same time it drags the Lebanese army to its side in the confrontation.

Heavy Losses

"The National Interest" newspaper of America, reported recently that the Hezbollah’s  loss estimated to be about two thousand fighters, while the number of wounded in its ranks is about 6-thousand members, stressing that the human losses in Syria, much more than its losses against "Israel" for in 18 years.

The newspaper added: "Hezbollah’s material losses not less than its morale’s, and that a number of senior officials, such as Samir Kuntar, Ghassan Faqih, Ali Fayad died in Syria, while the death-list is still open continuously as long as its involvement in the Syrian war.

Hezbollah began the unspoken presence in Syria in 2012, it's just that stretch in the Syrian depth and at the field level, away from the border areas, has taken a ride for his intervention after the exposure of the falsity of a ride that protect Shiite shrines.

Youths Escaping

The press reports confirmed that the young Lebanese Shiites fled to Europe refused to force them to join Hezbollah, and fighting in the inflamed border areas and in the whole Syrian cities, especially the Sayeda Zeinab district.

The Shiite sect’s youth in Lebanon escaping phenomenon began in the beginning of 2015 after they realized that Hezbollah is close to lose war in Syria, and not later than the defense of Bashar al-Assad, a real holocaust for their children.