Iranian Generals falling in Syria Holocaust

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 27 October, 2015
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ElDorar AlShamia:

Iranian media outlets, on Monday announced death of the Chief Commander and the founder of the " Fatmeon Legion ", as well as the commander of the Qods Force adviser of Qassem Soleimani during the ongoing battles with militant factions in Syria.
The Iranian  (Ebna) agency said that "Reda Khaora", commander of for "Corps Fatmeon", who had been announced that he was killed last Friday on the outskirts of the city of Aleppo in Syria, was one of the founders leaders, and the elite who participated and worked on the formation of the basic structure of the Shiite factions "Fatmeon", which has expanded and later turned to a large corps featuring thousands of fighters in Syria. "
Iranian agency said that " Khaora" is close to the commander of Iran's Quds Corps leader, Gen. Qassem Soleimani, and was known as "Hojjat" as the name of kinetic to fight in Syria, which is the title of Imam twelve among the general Shiites.
For its part, the Iranian news agency "Fares" has announced the death of "Sjad Tahirani", one of the senior officers of the Revolutionary Guards, and adviser to Gen. Qassem Soleimani, after the overthrow of a plane he was traveling in Aleppo battles.
According to Iranuan agency , the semi-official, the Iranian pilot "the Roh Allah Emadi Pashkalai" was killed along with "Tahirani".
The killing of the leaders "Reda Khaora" and "Tahirani" in light of the high number of generals and leaders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and militias belong to Iran, who died in Syria, where the Iranian agency "Fares" , last Saturday, the leader of the brigade "Fatmeon" and commander "Ammar" Mustafa Sader Zadah, was killed during fighting with the rebel factions in the province of Aleppo.
In the meantime, it announced the death of "Nader Hamid " in charge of the Iranian Basij forces, as Tehran buried the leader of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Gen. Hossein Hamadani several days ago, who was killed near Aleppo.

The killing of a number of Iranian generals in Syria, most notably Gen. Hossam Khosh Nwec named Hasan al-Shatri, where he fell in an ambush on Damascus -Zabadani road, and Gen. Hussein Badba was killed in Daraa, and General Jabbar Drisawi was killed and Asfar Sherdel in Aleppo.

Also Gen. Abbas Abdulla battalion commander in Ashoura- Corps was killed in Syria, as well as General Ali Moradi, the city of Daraa in February 2015.