“Thwar al-Raqqa” Brigade Attacks the pro-Assad regime “Tajamou’ al-Shamal” north of #Raqqa

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 23 February, 2017

#ElDorar AlShamia :

“Thwar al-Raqqa” Brigade,operates  within the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)  launched  on Wednesday, a surprise attack on the militia of “Tajamou’ al-Shamal” of the commando regiment Badia pro-Syrian (Assad) regime.

According to several sources that the attack was centered in the village of “Fares” northern countryside of Raqqa taken by the militias as a center, fought fierce clashes lasted for several hours ended with the deaths of many militants and others were captured as well.

The sources pointed out that the attack came on the backdrop of a footage posted by “Tajamou’ al-Shamal” led by who so-called "Abu Yamen Almeko" declaring loyalty and to the (Assad) regime  the flying the flag of the Syrian regime inside the village of Fares.

 On the twentieth of the current month, small groups of "commando Badia" Regiment militia affiliated to the Syrian regime arrived at the countryside of Raqqa, in order to prepare for the start of an attack on the city, as it was commissioned who is called "Khalil Almeko - Abu Yamen" known for great loyalty to the head of the General Intelligence Division "Gen. Mohammed Muhala "run to form the “Tajamou’ al-Shamal” militia.