RABBI: Women Drivers Cause the large number of car incidents in Israel

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 22 February, 2017


#ElDorar AlShamia :

A senior rabbi confirmed on Wednesday that the road accidents take place in Israel because women drive cars.

Rabbi Isaac Zilbrhtaan, a member of "Council of Torah Sages": The "Jewish law bars women from driving cars because they are unable to control their mood at the time of anguish and adversity," according to the Hebrew newspaper of "Mekor Rishon".

This came in response to a question from a man asked whether the Bible permits him to let his wife to drive a car, the Rabbi added: "it is impossible and God forbid that so I will not among those who are encouraging women to drive cars", Considering that women driving cars, is a contrary principle to the rules of modesty of women."

He called Rabbi women, according to the same newspaper riding public buses. It was Chief Rabbi of the city of Holon, central Israel issued an earlier fatwa prohibiting women from driving automobiles, especially in Israeli cities inhabited by a majority of religious Jews.