Ahead of the Geneva, de Mistura: USA not Attends for the Syrian file

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 21 February, 2017

#ElDorar AlShamia :

UN Special Envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura said in a statement on Monday that the United States is absent in this era for a political solution in Syria, it concerns the file of IS group combat  rather.

The United States merely sends the ambassador to Kazakhstan for representation in Astana negotiations despite Russia's invitation to it, and the Turkish emphasis on the lack of access to serious solutions in the absence of Washington.

US State Department confirmed that they were not absent or has not been overcome in the declaration of a ceasefire agreement agreed by Moscow and Ankara after the Russian failed efforts to reach a Russian-American understanding.

De Mistura said: The United States justify their absence by saying: It is preoccupied with the fight against IS group vs the Syrian file.

New Syrian constitution Reaffirmed again

UN envoy to Syria talks again about the need for a new constitution and a different from to the current regime of Syria, which was demanded by Russia, but the opposition rejects to discuss such cases before reaching a political solution to displace al-Assad of power.

As de Mistura called for "friendly negotiations" ,the Syrian opposition has refused to discuss any solution in Geneva if al-Assad would take part of it, saying that the issue of discussing a new constitution belongs to the Syrians themselves, and it is not a Russian’s matter and it could be discussed after reaching a political solution not before that.

No tangible results on the ground

De Mistura called to "confidence-building procedures " between the Syrian regime and the opposition, saying they such things are necessary for the delivery of aid for the besieged areas which are still the same, but Assad's forces attacks continue in Damascus and continue as well as the regime deliberately assures the quest to forced displacement against the rebel areas in the vicinity of the capital Damascus.

"The Delegation of Syrian military factions" had announced days ago that the ceasefire agreement failed since Russia failed to implement the commitments they have made for the release of prisoners, lifting the siege imposed on cities and towns or to stop the shelling on the liberated areas, and accused the Syrian regime and its allies of deliberately thwart "the efforts have been made to halt the bloodshed and alleviating the suffering of the Syrian people. "

However, de Mistura said that the ceasefire agreement in Syria survived and it has been reducing what he called acts of violence up to 70%, blaming the occurrence of violations on IS group and Jabhat al-Nusra accusing them of working to sabotage the declaration of any cease-fire held.

It is expected Geneva-4 to start today amid continued state of vast great differences in views between the States concerned the Syrian file, and the continuation of Russia and the al-Assad regime of violating their commitments towards the truce agreement and the confidence-building measures.