Shame Scandal hit the Israeli Army

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 17 February, 2017

#ElDorar AlShamia :

10-Channel of Israel unveiled a new ethical scandal hit the ranks of the Israeli army, as soldiers and recruits work in the field of "prostitution".

The scandals of sexual offenses hit Israeli police, causing the firing of seven officers, in captain ranks out of 18 captains in the police, as well as the leaders of police stations.

Low Salaries

The channel said: "The Israeli female servicemen and soldiers were forced to work in prostitution because of the difficult economic conditions in which they live, in light of the low value of military salaries they receive for their work in the army."

It added that "The Army authenticated some of soldiers for doing extra work, but the Army’s leaders do not know that sometimes overtime among some servicemen and women is for prostitution deeds, especially in the southern city of Eilat."

One of the soldiers that she was returning from the military base, wearing a military uniform, said that when she gets into one of the apartments to find customers waiting for her in the basement, they felt excited when they know that she is a young female soldier.


For her part, "Knesset Aeliza” an Knesset member, concerns about the high proportion of women working in prostitution in Israel, at a time that the military life is considered the basic and last resort to refine Personal citizens of the state."

Another member of "the Knesset "Itzik Shomoli” questioned the Israeli army saying: "Army has many financial problems that hurt the soldiers’ mind, so we have to evaluate such an army."

Death threats

In the same context, the channel reported that its correspondent, who prepared the report received death threats, on the backdrop of publishing a report with photos shedding light on making  soldiers' brothels. "

The channel continued that "the correspondent (Almaz Mengistu) received threats, following the reportage which reveals establishing the soldiers and recruits in the army such places in order to raise their standard of living."