Assad Regime Committed reprisals against civilians in response to its’ losses of #Daraa

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 15 February, 2017

#ElDorar AlShamia :

Syrian (Assad) regime’s forces committed acts of reprisals against civilians in the liberated areas of Daraa, in response to the losses it incurred in the previuos four days, during the military campaign waged by the revolutionary factions in the district of Mansheya, where the factions were able to seize control of important areas, causing losses in lives and materiel to the regime.

The new battle named "Death vs Humiliating" announced by the al-Bonyan al-Marsous operations room on the 12th. February has made several military achievements, particularly seizing control of “al-Najar” block and the mosque of Mansheya as well as the bombing of an ammunition depot over there.

The Liberated Neighborhoods as "disaster areas"

The local council in the city of Daraa announced that liberated neighborhoods have become disaster areas due to aerial bombing and the violent missile attacks of the Syrian (Assad) regime, pointing out that the it is an unprecedented bombing campaign waged on Daraa’a neighborhoods, especially on “Tariq al-Sad” neighborhood.

The council said that the bombing resulted in making the field hospitals out of service and the main reservoir water too, as well as a large mass in infrastructure, pointing out that the large migration in the region during the two days the last two is raising, and is likely that the number of displaced people topped 3,500 families, and the Council appealed to what it described as (generous people)  to intervene rapidly, amid stops all sources of income for civilians, and the lack of shelter, which made life in the city impossible.

The Regime’s losses during the battle

Syrian (Assad) regime’s forces have got heavy losses in lives and materiel since the announcement of the battle, "Death vs Humiliating" so far, according to statistics published by the operations room, and the death toll of the regime raised to 30-soldiers, including officers, while the wounded nearly 50 others, two tanks were destroyed in addition to two anti-aircraft weapons of "machine gun model 23mm".

On the other hand, the military factions managed to take over he four military sectors ,15 personal weapons, a 14.5-machine gun and quantities of ammunition.

It should be noted that the al-Assad regime launched two days ago the battle named as "you will be humiliated and killed" which aims to regain control of the whole Mansheya district, but its efforts did not succeed; what forced it to follow the scorched-earth policy.