11 Palestinians Arrested in the West Bank raids and clashes erupted in Jenin

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 5 February, 2017

#ElDorar AlShamia:

Israeli forces carried out last night and early Sunday, raids in different parts of the West Bank and arrested 11 Palestinians, amid violent clashes in Jenin.

Local sources in Bethlehem reported that Israeli patrols stormed the village of Husan, west of the city, and arrested a16-years boy “Mohammed Raed Ibrahim Hamamrah”, a young man, “Ahmed Amour” from the town of Tekoa, east of the city, while they arrested the two brothers of Mohammed and Ahmad Rashad Issa of the old city of Bethlehem.

In Nablus, Palestinian sources reported that seven patrols stormed the eastern area of ​​the city, and raided several houses in “Askar” a new refugee camp , Al-Quds street , the public housing and street of “al-Hesba” as a student at An-Najah University “Anas Abdul Fattah” was arrested.

In the meantime, the Israeli army arrested a guy “Ahmed Suleiman” of Silat al-Harithiya west of Jenin, while another force stormed the village of Deir Nezam northwest of Ramallah, and raided a number of houses and no arrests were reported.

On the other hand, a number of Palestinians– including kids- got suffocation cases by tear gas during clashes with the Israeli forces broke out last night, in the villages of "Romanah and "Zububa" west of Jenin.

Local sources indicated that the Israeli forces arrested two young men when they were near the fence placed over the territory of the village, were transferred to the Israeli camp, "Salem", adjacent to the village.

On its part, a report issued by the Israeli army, said that its troops arrested nine Palestinians last night, who the report described them as "wanted" on charges relating to "Hamas" actions or another charges actions related to the resistance against Israeli soldiers and settlers.

According to the Israeli report, a Palestinian of Nablus was arrested, and another one of Deir Nezam town northwest of Ramallah.