Putin Purposes to Deliver three Massages from as he Called Assad to Russia

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 24 October, 2015
Russian aggression against Syria

Unusually traditionally by the States in their analogous relations , and in a different scene from that applied international norms, and in high-quality operation of the Russian intelligence, "Bashar al-Assad" arrived in Moscow on Tuesday, while no announcement of the visit, but the next day to conclude it.

Moscow has sought in this flaming specific phase, after the Russian military intervention along with the Assad, and the anger of the allied Syrian Revolution states, to deliver a message directly to the states claim the departure of Assad, that "I own solution , if you want the departure of Assad, negotiation is the alternative would be only with me, The body transition that would have been, you will not be the case only under the direct supervision of me, "Perhaps the proof of this was when Putin telephoned each of King Salman, and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the leaders of the most adherent countries to the departure of Assad, after the end of the visit, which enhances the hypothesis that the arrival of Assad to Moscow not to celebrate his Gorgeous views by Russians, but to emphasize to the International Community, particularly those demand Assad departure,that al-Assad does not have command of his regime anything.
A second letter Moscow addressed to Iran specifically that you support al-Assad for several years, but he was not able to go out to perform Friday or Eid prayers, only in the neighboring districts of his palace, while Moscow could pick him up of his international isolation ,in  a visit to the outside of Syria, albeit it was degrading.
The third message to "Bashar al-Assad" himself, and his entourage, and represented in the degrading way that was received by, where he was alone, did not raise the Syrian regime flag inside the meeting hall, as Putin did not draw his attention to him only rarely, according to the published footages by the global and Russian media , the message to the effect that Syria , the Mediterranean and parts of Russia's influence is important and not the Assad or other person, as the Assad appeared as an employee rather than a head of a recognized regime by Russia.
All of these previous messages, pour in one hypothesis box, which is that the elimination of the Syrian revolution militarily is not available to the regime or Iran or Russia, and the Russian military intervention has specific goals are not related to the person of Assad, but to secure and enforce interests through military intervention confuses securities.