Violent assaults Launched against Syrians in Akkar, Lebanon

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 31 January, 2017

#ElDorar AlShamia:

Renewed clashes reported between Lebanese people and Syrian refugees again, after a dispute  in the town of “Mshaha” of  Akkar, has evolved into a white arms clashes and wounded reported.

This comes at time of cases of discrimination and racism in various areas in Lebanon worsened against the Syrian refugees who have fled their country because of the crimes committed by the al-Assad regime and Hezbollah militias against unarmed civilians.

The Incident in Details

Lebanese media reported: "a probleme occurred in the town of Mshaha in Akkar area between young men from the town and Syrian refugees evolved into a big strugle using knives" five people were wounded from both sides.

The media added that Lebanese Red Crescent came to the scene and took the injured to hospitals for treatment, while the security forces imposed a security cordon and opened an investigation about the incident.

Observers said that the racism in Lebanon against the Syrians turned into a rampant phenomenon in the society, while facing refugees with two options: either to return to their country; where death will haunt their children and their loved ones, or stay in Lebanon, where asylum humiliation added to racist actions.

Previous Assault  

On September the 20th, 2016 with automatic weapons violent clashes erupted between Lebanese citizens and Syrian refugees in the town of “Alyah” ,Armoun in the province of Mount Lebanon, where three wounded reported at least.

Media sources said: that the clashes took place after a harassment  by a group of Lebanese guys against Syrians in the street; protesting against their presence in the region.

Although the clash lasted more than an hour, the security forces and the Lebanese army have not attended till to the end of the clashes where many wounded reported.

Media’s Incitement

A website named "Eye on Syrians in Lebanon" suddenly appeared on the social networking media, alleged that highlights the problems left by the big resort about two million Syrian refugees to Lebanon since 2011, with the lack of control of the Lebanese state.

The website connects the presence of Syrian refugees in Lebanon, crimes such as rape, robbery, harassment and terrorism; where the website’s organizers claimed they are putting those are in charge before the fact to return Syrians to their country.

This website constitutes a qualitative addition to the wave of racism and hatred, which a number of Lebanese politicians contribute to publish, through targeting Syrians and Palestinian refugees, in particular.

Racist State

A number of affiliates of the Lebanese cabinet to "Hezbollah" militia and the Iranian axis lead racist campaigns against Syrian refugees begun to turn into a real hatred between Syrian refugees and Lebanese citizens in various parts of Lebanon.

These politicians do not leave a local or international occasion demanding the deportation of Syrian refugees fleeing the hell of Bashar al-Assad to their country once again, claiming on platforms stand out that the terrorists come out of the Syrian camps.

About 1.2 million Syrian refugees are officially registered with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Live in Lebanon, according to UN reports it is between 2011 and 2015, 9235 refugees travel requests were accepted from Syria to Lebanon.