Refugees Tragedy: Cold and Food Lack threaten the Syrians in Arsal

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 29 January, 2017

#ElDorar AlShamia:

The suffering of Syrian refugees in "Arsal" ,Lebanon doubled because of the weather low pressure hit the country nowadays, at a time when the United Nations cut off aid for residents of the town refugee camps.

Camps Isolating

A polar weather low pressure hit Lebanon three days ago named as "Perla" storm by the Lebanese weather forecasting ; what led to the significant decline in temperatures amid mixed precipitation to snow.

Sources from the refugee camps declared that "it began to snow Friday and most of the roads leading to the Syrian refugee camps cut off in the Lebanese town of Arsal, amid the poor condition of many of the displaced people after the dismissal of the aid provided by the United Nations Children Fund."

The sources added: "the blizzard came to increase the suffering of refugees as 1700 were separated from the financial aid provided by the United Nations Organization in the form of an e-card program, according to" the new Arab newspaper. "

Lack of Food

A Syrian refugee, Abu Muhammad: "we were dismissed from United Nations assistance program, and I am disabled, and I have no children to help me, I'm not able to work and it snows as well, please deliver Our message to those people who are in charge."

Um Samer,another refugee expressed her grief for her daughter, saying: "The United Nations cut off aid for me, and I have a child needs formula milk and necessary medicine supplies, but my husband works a day or two a month, and we can not have the needed formula milk to this child, how did the United Nations dismiss us."

Um Louay pointed out that cutting aid was "under the pretext that I live in the camp on my own and I do not have a family, is this an excuse? Distributing aid inside Syria for those who do not need them whereas we really in need but they deny us, I bought fuel for heating from aid given by the United Nations, but today the storm came an there is no aid. "

Bitterly Cold

The activist Ahmed Kasir, said that "refugees are crying and appealing to officials in the Arsal region, the weather is very harsh in the area being too high mountainous and barren, as the storm stranded most of the roads to the camps of Arsal."

Kasir noted it is difficult to live in such a weather situation for refugees in Arsal: "snow thickness reached approximately 50 cm in the camp areas, and some tents fell over the inhabitants because of the accumulation of snow, during the last night."

Humanitarian Organizations used to distribute 20 liters of diesel for each tent in the region, as well as winter blankets when the storms hit to the region, but this year the organizations did not provide but a little or nothing so far, and most of the roads between the Bekaa and Beirut cut off.

The Humanitarian Organizations Laziness

Kasir criticized the humanitarian organizations work and policy in Lebanon, stressing they have already known the storm, "but they did not take any preventive measures , and each year repeated the same thing.

The Syrian activist said: "After the arrival of the storm and the refugees appealings for the organizations but they are not able to gain access to the camps due to road outages, and paused their aid to the camp after the end of the storm."

Arsal camps includes nearly 80 thousand Syrian refugees, distributed to several camps in the town, in addition to nearly 40 thousand refugees in camps located in the barren mountains of the town.