Shura Scholars Council: JFS should stand with the factions against Jund al-Aqsa

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 23 January, 2017

Eldorar Alshamia:

Shura Scholars Council in Sham demanded JFS that they should be standing with the military factions against the group "Jund al-Aqsa", and declared their innocence of them.

The Council in a statement issued on Monday, that "Fatah al-Sham" hold responsibility to accept the pledge of allegiance of the group, calling for the proclamation of innocence of them and leave the protection and defending them.

The statement added that: "Fatah al-Sham committed itself to prevent the gang of Jund al-Aqsa from tehir aggression when they gave pledge to JFS, and tricked factions of its ability to control them and take on their hands, so factions accepted in order to preserve the arena and prevent chaos ... but it has not fulfilled that pledge at all, and asked JFS to fulfill its promise or lift the protection of Jund al-Aqsa. "

The statement noted that in case JFS supported the soldiers of Jund al-Aqsa, it put itself and its allies and soldiers under the rule of "oppression" on the factions, pointing out that the recent events in al-Zawya Mountain revealed that JFS was not clear with the factions, and it's unable to control its group, where doubts began to inspire everyone that JFS is hiding corner and supporter of Jund al-Aqsa.

The statement considered that the lack of JFS issuing a statement on its relationship with Jund al-Aqsa demonstrate independent stance is " is an evidence that JFS is sharing oppression with Jund al-Aqsa even if they do not say that, because deeds are louder than words"

The statement pointed out that the right of the factions to defend itself against the "oppression" of Jund al-Aqsa and those who stood behind them, whether they are JFS or others, also called JFS members to split and join the rest of the factions in case it is proved that JFS is the behind the "group" Jund al-Aqsa in its aggression the last one.

It should be noted that Jund al-Aqsa who had launched an attack on Syrian factions in the Syrian North, and on top Ahrar al-Sham Movement in different areas of Idlib province, and seized control of the areas in a al-Zawya Mountain and in the north-east of Idlib countryside.