70 Syrian figures from across the spectrum of the Revolution meets today in Ankara

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 11 January, 2017

A new round of consultative meetings between Syrian revolutionary figures and a Turkish delegation will be hold today in the Turkish capital Ankara to discuss many issues, the most important of them is attitude towards ceasefire agreement and Astana Conference which is going to be held in the 23rd of this month, according to what was confirmed earlier by Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Javusoglu.

According to some figures invited to attend Ankara meeting, that nearly 70 Syrian figures would attend the meeting, and what distinguishes this round from its predecessors that invited figures represente all spectrums of the revolution militarily, politically, and intellectually, which include the military leaders of the revolutionary factions, political figures belonging to Syrian National Coalition the High Negotiations Committee, as well as clerics and sheikhs, intellectuals and journalists, where they were invited in their personal, taking into account their weight and influence in various institutions.

The sources confirmed that the meeting has no presence of any character from "The Russian made opposition", whether it is the Moscow platform, or Cairo platform, as devoid of any representation of the Democratic Union Party, or self-management, announced by the party in the north and east of Syria earlier time.

For his part, the Commander in Chief of Jaysh Al-Mujahideen, "Abu Bakr" denied that the Syrian military factions accept "Bashar al-Assad" to stay in power during a transitional period, stressing not to accept less than overthrowing him and prosecuting of all those involved in blood in Syria.

Tuesday and Wednesday witnessed the Russian wareplane return to the Syrian airspace where it increased raids against multiple areas of the west countryside of Aleppo, as well as killing victims in bombing of the town of Taftanaz in northern Idlib countryside, while the Russian General Staff confirmed that the "liberating Damascus countryside operation" is almost complete.

Predictions about the outcome of the Astana negotiations retreated, where diplomatic sources revealed that the Russian draft submitted to the Security Council following the signing of the cease-fire agreement between the Syrian factions, and Russia as a guarantor of the regime and the Iranian militias included the phrase "reduce the level of violence to facilitate humanitarian operations" without referring to any political process , which indicates the lack of progress in the Russian position regarding the adoption of international resolutions, especially Geneva conference which emphasizes the formation of transitional governing body that leads the political transition in Syria.

Leaders of the revolutionary factions on top "Suqor Al-Sham, Jaysh Al-Mujahideen, and Shuhada Al-Islam" who signed the ceasefire, considered earlier that the agreement practically ended because of the insistence of the Syrian regime and its allies to break into the regions of Wadi Barada and Eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside.