"Al-Qahtani": Al-Nusra Front considers the ISIL as outlaw "Kharijites" Despite the words of al-Zawahiri

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 11 September, 2015
Image believed to be Abu Maria Al-Qahtani

ElDorar AlShamia:

"Al-Nusra Front" Forensic  al-Qahtani, nicknamed "Abu Maria confirmed that the” Al-Nusra Front” showed its legitimate attitude in the previous year and still believes that the IS group are kind of" Kharijites, and naming al-Qaeda leader to them as the "Mujahideen" does not affect our attitude at all.
This came as a respond to the "al-Zawahiri" recorded-voice word that have sprung up recently as the "Islamic Spring", in which he “al-Zawahri” described the IS militants as Mujahideen, and stressed that if he is in the Levant or Iraq ,he will cooperate with them in fighting the Crusades, the secular,  Nusayris, and the Persians, despite al-Zawahri never admitting the Caliphate  of al-Baghdadi.
He said, "Al-Qahtani", commenting: "Even though" al-Zawahiri, " called them as the Mujahideen we owe to God they Kharijites, and prove their offense and helping to Alawites against the people of Syria.
He asked "Al-Qahtani," "al-Zawahiri" to consider the  scholars opinion in the ISIL militants that describes them as  “Kharijites” like: Sibai,  al-Maqdisi, and Abu Qatada.