A #Syrian Refugee Illustrates his Tragedy of Forcible Deportation from #Jordan

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 25 December, 2016

#ElDorar AlShamia:

A Syrian refugee from the countryside of Daraa, told his tragic story as he was deportated from Jordan "forcibly" and randomly with hundreds of other displaced people, without knowing the real reasons for this new approach taken by the Jordanian authorities.

The refugee “Abdullah al-Rifai” of the countryside of Draa said: "Whether you hold a license, carry the identity of the refugees, or you are a full-laws respect resident, this makes you an every-time target and suddenly to be arrested by the Jordanian gendarmerie forces, and kick you out of border embankment into Daraa ".

He explained that he holds the identity of refugees extracted from one of the stations in the Jordanian capital of Amman, according to this identity, its presence in Jordan entirely legal," according to the newspaper "Enab Baladi"

"Rifai" added: "During the past months, the Jordanian authorities gave a time limit for all the Syrian refugees to replace the temporary identities they had into new ones, so I accompanied my family to replace our identities to a region near where we live."

He continued: "It is always difficult to believe that it is deported anyone without any reason, and I've always thought that there was a foul by a refugee, that prompted authorities to deport him, that faced a stand in the middle of November, when I was stopped as I was shopping at a market of Amman ".

He completed "Rifai," saying: "I was stopped by a security patrol, and asked for identification papers , I showed my identity, they said, it was false, and they transferred me to the bus close to them with many Syrian refugees."

He stressed that he tried hard to assure that it was the legal identity for them, and asked them to verify, but to no avail, saying: "When I was put on the bus, I was trying to convince them that the identity is legal, before one the Syrians on the bus tells me not to be enthusiastic , all of them in the have legal identities they were arrested on charges of being forged. "

Rifai concluded saying: "Then everyone was moved toward the “Reba Sarhan” area on the Syrian - Jordanian border, so they can be to take us the next day to the inside of Daraa."

The Kingdom of Jordan hosts more than 650 thousand Syrian refugees, according to the United Nations High Commissioner, distributed in the camps, most notably “ Zaatari” the largest refugee camp in the area, while there is the largest number of Syrian refugees in Jordanian cities, especially cities of Irbid and Ramtha, in addition to some other cities as the capital of Oman ,al-Zarqaa, , Jerash and Mafraq.