IS Group Planning to prevent FSA to Advance towards Al-Bab city, Eye-Witnesses Reveal

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 24 December, 2016

#ElDorar AlShamia:

IS group has plotted and carried out several schemes in “al-Bab” city east Aleppo to prevent the FSA factions, backed by Turkish military forces to advance in the city recently.

Eye-Witnesse revealed these plans during an interview with ElDorar; where they confirmed that the organization will convert residential areas into launching rockets and artillery shells bases as well as to prevent the civilians to evacuate neighborhoods taking them as human shields.

The witnesses confirmed that the organization began setting up bases of rocket launchers and artillery between residential buildings crowded with civilians on a temporary basis; where they shell on the stationing areas of FSA and Turkish Army and then withdraw then Turkish reconnaissance aircraft locate out shells and hit by artillery and warplanes, which resulting in deaths and injuries among civilians.

The Witnesses said that IS militants prevent civilians to move out to the neighboring city of al-Bab areas by arms force as they deployed military checkpoints in mission of arresting any person or family trying to get out, have been recorded dozens of cases of arrest against the youth and women, in contrast the elements of the organization move their families to the provinces of Deir al-Zour and Raqqa to ensure their safety.

According to "A.B." One of the al-Bab residents who was arrested a few days ago as he was trying to get out of the city saying to ElDorar that the organization found that the best way to keep al-Bab city under its control is to prevent civilians from leaving in order to exploit potential falling of civilian casualties in a media campaign to put pressure on FSA forces and halt any progress.

It should be noted that some Syrian and western media outlets began accusing the Free Syrian Army of committing massacres against civilians by artillery operations, ignoring the real reasons behind this which is relating to preventing people to exit civilian areas and converting the residential areas to rockets firing bases by IS Group.

It is worth mentioning that the Syrian army factions fired several appeals demanding civilians inside the city to move away from the IS militants’ points and areas of clashes.