Hamas prosecuting Alsabreen, Assad regime loyal movement

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 15 December, 2016

Eldorar Alshamia:

Hamas-affiliated security forces launched in Gaza Strip, on Wednesday, a campaign of arrests against the leading figures in the Shiite movement Alsabreen, against the backdrop of their current attitudes towards events in Syrian city Aleppo.

Palestinian sources said: that the security services in Gaza stormed, yesterday evening, the house of Secretary General of the movement in Beit Lahia town in the northern Gaza Strip Hisham Salem in an attempt to arrest him.

The sources pointed out that Salem was not present when Hamas security stormed his house, and that security left a message to turn himself in soon.

According to the official page Secretary-General for the movement in the Gaza Strip, Hisham Salem, on Wednesday evening, that "Salem" risk persecution by the security services in the Gaza Strip, on the back of his positions from the current events in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

It is noteworthy that Hisham Salem, tweeted earlier through his account: "Certainly, the victory of Aleppo infuriated enemies of God; the Zionists, the Americans, Europeans, Arab regimes, hypocrites vaunted Islam, and terrorists,"

In the same context, the internal security forces of Hamas in Gaza Strip,on Wednesday, have arrested one of the founders of the movement Mohammed Harb for investigation, and on the back of his support of the Assad regime in Syria.

 Mohammed Harb published on his profile on Facebook praising Bashar al-Assad's army after the massacres of Aleppo, saying: "The Syrian army and its allies have made a unique human model in the liberation of Aleppo, Nusra and Noureddine Zanki members and their families are being gathered to be deported from East Aleppo, if it were reversed, shall we find this treatment from the heads cutters and criminals ?! ", according to him.

Alsabreen movement organization emerged in Gaza Strip in 2014; and recognized by receiving Iranian support, and accused of spreading Shiism in Gaza, headed by Hisham Salem who was dismissed from the Islamic Jihad movement.