Severe Shortage of Human Element Squeezes al-Assad regime to form Further Regiment

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 23 November, 2016

By ElDorar's Editor
#ElDorar AlShamia:
The al-Assad's regime announced via the official spokesman for Ministry of Defence that it decided to form the "5th Corps – “for storming purposes" which is meant to include volunteers of up-18 years old young people.
The al-Assad’s Ministry of Defence claimed that this volunteered military unit will contribute to eliminate the "terrorists" altogether as it pretended, and there will be offices for the Regiment around Syrian governorates. The Ministry ofers many advantages for volunteers to encourage them to be handled, most notably: to keep the salary one gets from his job if he works in the regime’s institutions.
 “Dimashq al-An” Facebook Page close to the al-Assad's intelligence system posted that the Corps will depend upon “friends” for financing funds, and the volunteer's salary would be ranging between $250 to $ 350, which worth 150 thousand Syrian Pounds.
“Such an announcement is only a media propaganda designed to hide losses and the great shortage of human resources” a dissident colonel from the al-Assad regime "Abu Ayham"  commented on the formation of this Corps noting that the military corps is between 20 and 45 thousand people, and the al-Assad regime's four corps have lost over the Syrian war, about 150 to 200 thousand people ranging from the dissidents and dead, and the outcome  that lost about three military corps, and this explains its need to use the Iran-backed  foreign militias those become the fundamental forces in fighting because of the vulnerability of the al-Assad's forces.
Colonel Abu Ayham added that the desire of the al-Assad regime in restoring the prestige of the army lurks beyond the announcement of the formation of this Corps to bring back the army’s shape as it was before the outbreak of the revolution, especially when the Iranian , Iraqi and Lebanese militias are the real holders militarily of Syrian territory, pointing out  that Russia might be the supporter for this corps.

The al-Assad regime's losses during October & November reached in the city of Aleppo and East Ghouta up to 1000 soldiers, mostly killed in the battle to break the siege of Aleppo city waged by factions of the Syrian Resistance, fighting to defend Ghouta, most recently last week; where sources in Jaysh al_Islam confirmed that the dead members exceeded 200.

It is noteworthy that sites running on counting numbers of dead for the al-Assad regime and the supporting militia reported in another statistics: the number reached 150 thousand people between the regular forces , the National Defence and foreign militias ,and about 250 thousand injured, while the “Iranian Martyrs” and “Veterans Foundation” acknowledged that the Iranians killed in Syria exceeded thousand, while estimates by neutral sources indicate that the number is greater than that.