Al-Mayadeen’s correspondent remarks reveal the crisis between Iranian backed militias vs al-Assad’s

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 20 November, 2016

"Reda Al Basha" the correspondent of al-MayadeenTV channel  of Lebanon which is close to Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah militia reported surprised remarks accusing pro militias of “Soqur al-Sahraa” as well as the forces of Colonel Suhail Al-Hassan "al-Numr" about stealing and looting the homes of civilians in Aleppo.

The al-Assad regime’s Media is in seek a basis to promote for these two militias particularly as (heroes), who carry out special tasks that are difficult for the rest of the units to do, and from this perspective the Basha’s remarks are a strong blow to the forces of al-Assad and new points are marked against the balance of Hezbollah militia , the Iraqi Nujaba militia as well as the Iranian-backed groups, which penetrated in Aleppo dramatically.

"Reda Al Basha" reported earlier in a radio intervention on Ninar FM, that “Soqur al-Sahraa” , “Ali Shellah” militia of Suhail al-Hassan, the tribal forces and the military security shield militia were in the back lines during the recent battles of Aleppo, and stole people's homes in “Halab al-Jadidah,3000 apartments Project” districts and Menyan, as well as Hamdania beinghood, as they murdered some factories’ guards in the industrial area of Ramouseh in order to facilitate the theft, stressing that the security centers in Aleppo are completely powerless to stop such practices, and it exceeded the individual actions to take the shape of Mafia and systematic plans.

Al-Basha’s reports who is a very close media man to Hezbollah, finished the study pharmacology at the International Imam Khomeini University of Iran, can not be understood in the context of spontaneous uprising in the face of banditry, it is clearly that he focused on the idea of ​​"Soqur al-Sahra” and the forces of Suhail al-Hasan with the military security shield militia those were in the rear lines, "What is meant here is to deliver a message directly to the al-Assad's forces and militias were not on to confront  Jaysh al-Fateh  attack west of Aleppo, but Iranian-backed militias have had the lead.

It is not intended to speak about dismissing the idea that the al-Assad militias do" looting " or theft of residents' homes furniture, because it is not new, and is known for these militias since the first months of its formation, but the timing of the reports by the correspondent is  the matter of questions after years of silence on such issues , which invokes a question for its goal, whether it is actually telling the truth (which was delayed for years), or to fix the idea that Iran is one of the militia regained control of Aleppo.

The areas surrounding the towns of Nubul and al-Zahra saw a few months ago, violent clashes between the Hezbollah militia vs the committees of People's Defence of that region on the backdrop of opposition to Hezbollah attempts to impose absolute power, and now the statements come to reinforce the novel that says “Iran seeks through its militias from to fully control of Aleppo, vs the power and authority of the al-Assad militias.