Crackdown on Syrian workers in Jordan

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 18 November, 2016

ElDorar AlShamia:

Jordanian authorities on Thursday night arrested dozens of “illegal” Syrian workers in the capital city of Amman.

The press spokesman at the Ministry of Labor Mohammad Al-Khatib: The inspection teams in the ministry has toured a number of malls and shopping centers, restaurants and some institutions at different times in the capital Amman on Thursday, adding that they arrested dozens of Syrian workers violated the labor law.

Khatib pointed out that these tours aim to adjust the Jordanian labor market and implementation of the labor law, instructions and decisions issued in respect of the prevention of expats to work in closed sectors to such employment rather Jordanians are the only workers allowed to employ, according to the Jordan News Agency "Petra".

He added that warnings of closure are directed for some stores and other shops because of the repetition of such violations related to the labor law, noting that it will take legal action against Syrians who violate the labor law, according to the texts of the Jordanian labor law and other administrative measures to ensure non-recurrence of such irregularities.

Khatib stressed that the ministry has published numerous news to make the issue clear for Syrian workers determining the allowed domains for foreign workers, including Syrians and about the issuance of commitment of permits to work in a few  professions such as a sector of industry, agriculture and construction.

Jordanian Ministry of Labour made a decision since the beginning of this year not to allow migrant workers to work with 11 career to be allowed for Jordanians only to work officially.

Jordan government justified such a decision to provide job opportunities for Jordanians in different areas in order to reduce unemployment and poverty, according to the Jordanian labor market needs about bringing Jordanian expats everywhere.

Included professions that expats have been prevented to work :administrative, accounting and editing, printing and secretarial , telecommunication, phones maintenance  , wiring work, warehouses, and sales in all segments, and the decor, the sale of fuel in the main cities and professions related to electricity, mechanics, auto repair, drivers, guards and reporters..