Set off :”Sohail Hassan & Soqur al-Sahraa militias stole Aleppo’s houses, al-MAyadinTV correspondent says

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 18 November, 2016

ElDorar AlShamia:

The correspondent of al-Mayadin TVchannel "Reza Al Basha" detonated a verbal bomb, as he accused the militias and forces of Sohail al-Hasan and Soqur al-Sahraa subsidiaries of the al-Assad regime those stole the homes of civilians in Aleppo city, and murdered some guards of laboratories and buildings for theft.

" Basha " in his intervention on Radio Ninar reported that the thefts in the city of Aleppo exceeded all limits and amounted to a murder, and that the “popular committees” stole the factories as they had entered into the industrial zone in Ramouseh area two months ago after retrieval from the Jaysh al-Fateh and prevented the owners from accessing their factories, and killed some guards there for robbery.

"Basha" added: "Some of the militias that were found in the back lines during the recent fighting made used of the case of the displacement in “Halab al-Jadidah” district and the neighborhoods of “3000 apartments Project, al-Rwad, Menyan and Hamdania”, and carried out organized theft, not individual actions, but rather carried out as protected mafias, because the security branches in Aleppo have stood helpless in front of such cases.

Basha’s remarks have been reacted to greatly by the inhabitants of the occupied territories in the city of Aleppo, where his Facebook account has hundreds of comments in favor of his words.

He talked about the practices carried out by the al-Assad militias in those areas.

Each of Soqur al-Sahraa militias, and the forces of “al-Numer or tiger” led by Colonel Suhail al-Hassan are considered the special task groups relied on by the al-Assad regime, and their members are mostly from the Alawite sect and are considered as a mob of retired officers , youth volunteers forces, where they defended earlier the coast line area as well as the task of defending “al-Ghab plains” area.

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