To Capture Aleppo’s 3000-Apartments district, What does it mean for Syrian Resistance factions?

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 4 November, 2016

ElDorar AlShamia:

Factions of the Syrian Resistance renewed ,Thursday assault against the  al-Assad's forces 'positions in “Halab al-Jadideh” district and the district of “3000 apartments project”, west of Aleppo, where factions Jaysh al-Fateh started the attack using a booby-trapped cars which targeted the al-Assad forces' positions in both of the two districts , to break out after that violent clashes, followed by attempts to advance for infantry elements in order to control a number of blocks and buildings.

Al-Assad regime has incurred significant losses

Military sources in Jaysh al-Fateh confirmed that car bombs that targeted the al-Assad forces' positions in Halab al-Jadideh district led to the deaths of dozens of elements, headed by a brigadier in the Republican Guard, while factions of the Syrian Resistance made partly advances in the vicinity of 3000 Apartments neighborhood west of Aleppo.

"Eyewitness or Sha’hed Ayan” media mean, which has good links within the occupied city of Aleppo, quoted medical sources in the military hospital of “Mogambo”that the hospital received on Thursday 57 bodies of the al-Assad regime’s elements, including officers, and about 160 wounded, while Sha’hed Ayan confirmed that five civilian casualties, at least were killed in the occupied neighborhood “al-Masharqa” as a result of the al-Assad's forces’ firing randomly.

What is the significance of 3000 Apartments neighborhood?

Military sources in Fateh Halab operations room confirmed to #ElDorar that that the factions have benefited from the previous battle have experienced, no longer aim to open a small gap towards the eastern districts of Aleppo easily to be targeted by the airline, but has expanded its scope of operations to include several large suburbs at the entrance to the city west of Aleppo, in which to control them would make the al-Assad regime collapsed in Aleppo in full, which explains the ferocity of the battles and the ferocity and desperation of the al-Assad's forces not to lose any more neighborhoods, after they lost “Dahyat al-Assad” and the village of Menyan.

The sources confirmed that in case the factions seize control of the 3000Apartments neighborhood, then to capture “Ard al-Sabbagh” area will be a foregone conclusion, which means to isolate the military units and roads upon which the regime depends on to control the city of Aleppo from the rest of the western neighborhoods, the point here is precisely “Ramouseh ,Military Academy, and the area of colleges”. this would mean necessarily to break the siege imposed on Aleppo, in addition to turn the table on the al-Assad regime and besiege its own military unts, preparation for storming them in the later stages.


Al-Assad regime in Defensive Stage

A few weeks before the renewed attack by the Resistance factions on the west of Aleppo, the al-Assad's regime is seeking for further incursions in the neighborhoods of eastern Aleppo, dazzled by its tightening its grip on the Alcastello route, then Handarat camp, but the factions of the Syrian Resistance’s violent attack in recent days turns the al-Assad's forces and the backed Iranian and Lebanese militias to the position of a defender and clinging to control of the most important strongholds in the city, which serves as the "head of the snake," and hitting the head will make the body sporadic and easy to collapse.

Aleppo’ battles resume for the eighth day in a row, so the factions were able a few days ago to seize control of Dahyat al-Assad and the village of Menyan, to focus its attacks on the neighborhood of 3000 Apartments and Halab al-Jadideh ,those are characterized as sizeable areas, and have strong and tough buildings, where these areas are considered as a barricade for the al-Assad's forces and the Iranian militias, so the coming days would see more bad news for these militias?