#Euphrates_Shield Resumes to expand towards al-Bab

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 27 October, 2016

ElDorar AlShamia:

The "Euphrates Shield" operation has made on Thursday a new progress in its military operations of Aleppo northern countryside, especially from the western side of al-Bab city.

The correspondent of ElDorar reported that the Free Syrian Army took control of new areas within the administrative boundaries of al-Bab city, particularly on the villages of "Wash, Homad, Dwyeral-Hawa, Kerbgele and Abla", after fierce battles against IS militants, while the village of “Tal Gejan”is still witnessing attack and retreat battles between the two parties.

One of the leaders in the Euphrates Shield, the first regiment’s (Abu Mahmoud der Jamal) told our correspondent that the fighting will not stop until they reach the city of al-Bab, the largest and most important strongholds of the “Islamic State” Group in the region, pointing out that it will be a new tactic to respond to any attempt by the al-Assad regime or Saleh Muslim’s militias, to prevent the progress’ process, pointing out that the later had tried to hit the EuphratesShield’s forces two days ago supported by the al-Assad regime’s helicopters.

Helicopters belonging to the al-Assad regime had targeted with barrel bombs last Tuesday evening sites under the control of the Euphrates Shield’s factions in Aleppo northern countryside and the town of Tal Gejan, to coincide with a joint attack launched by the al-Assad forces and militias of the Democratic Union Party "PYD" on the newly freed area from IS Group.

It is worth mentioning that the Euphrates Shield operation backed by Turkish military took control of an area extends for more than 167 towns with space of 290 thousand sq. Km.