An Officer with al-Assad in Zablatani was killed in Ghouta , who killed him?

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 20 October, 2016

ElDorar AlShamia:

Media sources loyal to the al-Assad regime announced on Thursday the death of a Republican Guard officer who was identified as he appeared with Bashar al-Assad during a tour conducted by the latter in Zablatani area of Damascus.

The sources reported that Colonel, "Naeem Ahmed" was killed in Rif Dimashq battles, without specifying the exact location in which he was killed but military sources in Jaysh al-Islam confirmed for #ElDorar network that the colonel was killed by Jaysh al-Islam in the recent battles in “Rihan” area where the al-Assad regime is trying to advance on the eastern sector of Ghouta.

Colonel descended from “Ain Dlaimeh” village in Dreikish area of Tartous Province appeared with Bashar al-Assad a few months ago during a tour by the latter in Zablatani area.

“Rihan” frontline in the Eastern Ghouta has seen fierce battles for more than ten days in an attempt of Assad's forces and backed militias to make advance in  the region, where the attackers got heavy losses, including the destruction and damage of six tanks, killing five officers and 150 elements, according to the Jaysh al-Islam reports.