"Doctors Without Borders": Surviving chances of the Syrian wounded on Jordanian border fade

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 30 September, 2016





#ElDorar AlShamia

"Doctors Without Borders" organization warned of the risk that threats  the lives of the wounded Syrians in the south due to the continued closure of the border with Jordan in front of wounded and sick.
The organization said that after three months of closure Jordan borders, opportunities for Syrian wounded to stay alive fade quickly, confirmed that 59 Syrian wounded at least, including 11 children aged between three and 14 years, they have been deprived of access to Jordan for treatment.
The organization added that four of the supported hospitals, "Doctors Without Borders" in southern Syria stopped sending patients toward the Jordanian border, to understand that it will not allow patients to enter.
The Kingdom of Jordan has announced that its border military zone after a suicide bomber carried out by #ISIS Group in the al-Rukban area, which then meet Iraqi, Syrian and Jordanian borders, in which seven soldiers were killed on the Jordanian border with Syria on last June 21st..