Abu Hassan al-Muhajer: Main Syrian Resistance factions tend to form a unified political body

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 19 September, 2016

#ElDorar AlShamia

The merger of the Syrian military factions has become the talk time at media, and there are many bad argues  between supporters of some factions on social networking sites blame each other either to halt the merger or to encourage  the merger without a clear vision.

The #ElDorar ‘s reporter met  a senior leader of the Islamic Movement of Ahrar al-Sham and adviser to head of the political wing in the movement, "Iyad Shaar" known as "Abu al-Hassan al-Muhajer" who narrated  the latest developments in this regard, and answered several questions in an exclusive  interview:

- Regarding the suggested coordination projects: "events began to guide the rudder hardly  to create a political-military entity and the significant  factions now most notably: Ahrar al-Sham Islamic movement, the movement of Nur al-Din Al-Zanki, Faylaq al-Sham, Jaysg al-Islam and  al-Jabha al-Shamia tend to form a unified political body, and will then work on unified military organization seeks to bring all the other Free Syrian Army’s factions togather, and this will give us the ability to speak in the name of the State and not on behalf of factions. "

- According to the integration of the factions in a single faction: "We affirm as  al-Joulani did during an interview that what happened is just a consultation, and generally We are against any emotional integration because its problems will be many, and will cause the scourge, it may be a fatal blow to the revolution, the failure could lead to controversy internal fighting if the merger would fail, its effects will be very difficult, and everything must be put  on the table in any efforts to unite the factions, starting from the revolution’s flag  ending up  to our view of the shared governance with others, because we are as Islamists must understand that we are not able to rule the country for ourselves rather we must share Muslim people. "

- As for the relationship of Ahrar al-Sham to the rest of the factions, "the Islamic Movement of Ahrar al-Sham sees that no faction can rule Syria by itself, and our vision since the creation of the movement is based on sharing and coexisting the rest of the factions and other groups treat the movement positively, and our signature on the last statement as the Syrian Revolution flag was in the background which broke the iceberg with them, and the movement's leadership believes that the more it would be close to the Free Syrian Army factions the more it will be  effective and has a pivotal role in the next stage, and we must not betray their confidence and offer them concrete things that reassure them that we are with them , and not in our interest and we build up the slogan of the “people’s revolution “ the that separates from the free Syrian army, or factions of the Syrian people, we are eventually Muslim people and to classify ourselves as we are distinguished  Islamist factions become confusing to us and to the Revolution in general. "

- Finally,  about the social networking sites’ arguments , "we detected two types of social Media accounts that campaigning against “Ahrar al-Sham” the first type as  the technical team monitored them and followed the views of intelligence, and the second type aimed at jamming accounts and keep track of certain destinations and want us to either integrate within the conditions and that it would launch a campaign deactivating against us, accusing us of being suspensory, and there are many sides have the same target to drop Ahrar al-Sham” because its fall would make and this will :lose Revolution one of its safeguards of the Syrian Revolution, being classified as  moderate. "
By: the Political Editor
the source: #ElDorar AlShamia