Legislating Scholars and Revolutionary Leading figures refuse Fateh al-Sham to be Targeted

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 12 September, 2016

#ElDorar AlShamia

Yesterday, the American Foreign Minister and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov declared  an agreement for a ceasefire in Syria as of Monday evening (marks the first day of Eid al-Adha), and to agree on steps to halt the fighter jets’ flight of the al-Assad regime over the factions of the Syrian Resistance areas, to create a joint center for targeting the organization of the “Islamic State” and Fateh al-Sham in case the truce lasted for a week.
Such an agreement raised the reactions of many among politicians and researchers, in addition to the Syrian Revolution activists and leaders, considering that that is easy to breach the agreement, refusing at the same time targeting against  "Fateh al-Sham" as a key faction in fighting the al-Assad regime, and in targeting this faction it means the weakening of the regime-resistant camp.
The prominent political figure of “Maher Alloush” responds  on the demands of the US special envoy to Syria to factions of the Syrian resistance involved to stop cooperating with Fateh al-Sham; he said in Tweets : "Jabhat  Fatah al-Sham is a Syrian faction, defends the Syrian people and confirming that  as it disengaged from al-Qaeda, no factions of the Syrian revolution to disengage from its  supporters, and would not allow them to be to bombed , or deal with them in the context of dealing with “Daesh. "
The forensic researcher "Abu Basir Tartusi" ascended his tone in the face of the American-Russian agreement ; where he said in comments briefly: " the bad two atheist (US  and Russia)Fatah al-Sham leave us with Fateh al-Sham to deal with them as we wish, because the whole Muslim people are  brothers , can never  oppress nor betray each other. "
"Abdel Moneim Zinedine" researcher and forensic coordinator between the factions of the Syrian Resistance said that:” the agreement is just a trade-off to break the siege on the civilian for extermination of the revolution” . Zinedine he questioned  : "Is the price of breaking the siege on civilians is the annihilation of the revolution? why is break the siege swapping  on broking the Revolution totally? Of course under the pretext of targeting Fatah al-Sham, everyone will be targeted. "
"Khaled Abu Anas," the leader of the Islamic Movement of Ahrar al-Sham and a member of the Consulting  Council commented on the deal saying: "Fatah al-Sham did not come from Iran ,Afghanistan  , Iraq or Lebanon to impinge upon us, and it did not come from Russia,with its aircraft to kill civilians and destroy hospitals , furnaces and facilities."
A number of activists in the province of Aleppo and some revolutionary leaders said that the agreement is just the equality between the victim and the executioner, and impose a “fait accompli”, refusing Fateh al-Sham to be an exception , considering it "an essential component of the Syrian Revolution."
It is worth mentioning that the factions of the Syrian Resistance and  the Syrian High Negotiating Committee (HNC) have not made any official statements Commenting on the agreement, because they are still consulting the issuance of a unified position after consultations in order to obtain the largest gains of the Syrian Revolution.
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