Al-Shamia Front: the attack on Mare` to relieve the pressure on Assad in Aleppo

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 9 September, 2015

ElDorar AlShamia:
Al-Shamia Front leader confirmed, Tuesday, that the IS militants launched an attack on the northern city of Mare` is in coordination with the Assad regime to ease pressure on Assad forces in Aleppo, while activists called on the International Community to the attention of the city the same  like (Kubani).
The media activist "Abu Firas al-Halabi" The media and the Arab world must be concerned in Mare`, and the transfer of an image being as focused into the Arabs when it was a major attack of IS" group" over a year ago, according to the website Al Jazeera Net.
This came during a Tuesday news conference in Gaziantep Turkish annexation of the Syrian National Coalition opposition member of Osama Tjaw, media and activist Abu Firas al-Halabi, in addition to the "Mudar Najjar " Halabi.
For his part, the field commander at the Al-Shamia Front " Mudar Najjar " al-Halabi, that IS group dawn 23 a car bomb in the city of Mare` since his attack them started on 21 of the last month, as the city targeted chemicals twice within twenty days, killing and wounding dozens and the displacement of thousands.
He- field commander pointed to the of coordination between the Assad regime and the "IS militants" in the region, stressing that the attack on the city of Mare` mitigation targets for Assad's forces in Aleppo, forcing the rebels to stop their fight which they started within the city.
It is noteworthy that the IS militants to launch a major offensive on rebel control areas in the countryside of Aleppo in the north to try to grab it, the rebels have been able to respond to it, killing and injuring dozens of its elements.