How wireless revolutionary observatories turned from a blessing to a curse?

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 12 October, 2015

The Syrian Revolution knew the use of the wireless signal devices since the first few months, where Revolution activists resorted to the use those devices or what is known among the public as the "fists" in order to transfer data of the intelligence patrols moveof the Assad regime, and in order to overcome the obstacle represented by Internet networks cut that the regime used to use before it raids any area, and soon the subject of the of the signal devices use  progresses with the transition to the armed conflict.

It was the most significant developments in terms of the use of the Syrian revolution to the establishment of what has become known in the liberated areas as "observatories", where the supervisor of the Observatory spy via special organs for the aviation system movement, and can warn areas as warplanes access to this area or that is the target, as well as warning of military factions are able to target their positions, in addition to its role in facilitating communication between remote areas process.
In spite of the large value of the work of these observatories and its interest and because of the lack of controls, the many drawbacks began to emerge, so it was possible that one has more damage than good.

Rapidly, Stopovers on the most prominent of these disadvantages in using these observatories, and perhaps the first disadvantage is to use such observatories waves signal General satellite frequencies up to all people, not just the special frequencies rooms of military operations, and revolutionary factions, making the general public to accept and heavily on the purchase of wireless devices, and became there case loose, making easy work of informers and spies, as the acquisition of wireless device has become, like the acquisition of a mobile phone, and on the other hand, the generalizations launched by observatories became a hit to the public directly, leading often to spread terror, and intimidation of people, while the origin In these generalizations must be objective and not emotional, and up to the stakeholders of civil defense, rooms or military operations to take appropriate action..
In the context of talk about such damage has to be addressed to an important point, which is that those in charge of these observatories often do not have the knowledge in the science of signal, or in the method of delivery  information from the psychological point of view, once you start the battle between the rebels and the forces of Assad, until those Observatories start sending generalizations about the destruction of many vehicles , and make great revolutionaries, then blink of an eye changed their rhetoric to seek endorsements, and warnings of the fall of the regions, however, Assad's forces, which negatively affects the morale of the military factions, and signed in confusion, as it leads to chaos in the ranks public, so that some observatories were primarily responsible for the occurrence of military groups in ambushes and great risk, it is also because of the rush to move the edit area was the cause of the decline rebels reported due to bring aviation bombing and artillery shelling have given information that the Assad regime follows the tactic of burning the region in If defeat.

There is no doubt that the use of technology and exploitation of space and electronic development is extremely important, but you must rely on dissident and experienced officers in the science pointing to his administration, and must enter military factions to put an end to the chaos, through its oversight of those observatories and the allocation of a fixed number distributed certain places, and restrict the exchange of information between the reference sites, and the competent authorities such as chambers of operations or hospitals, or civil defense teams