Jaysh al-Islam Launched Counter-attack eastern Ghouta on al-Assad's forces regaining points

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 16 August, 2016

ElDorar AlShamia:

Jaysh al-Islam launched on the al-Assad's forces a counter-attack in the eastern Ghouta, in the late hours of the night on Sunday, enabling the attack to regain control of some of the points lost earlier.
The Media Bureau of Haysh al-Islam confirmed launching  the operation of "Zat al-Reqaa", and has control over the school mass of “HoshNasri” town, and surrounding farms, stressing that many casualties in the ranks of the al-Assad's forces after the attack.
Al-Assad's forces seized control ,several days ago of HoshNasri town located east of “Douma” city about 4 km, just a few days after their control of the nearby town of Brigade 39 “Hosh Fara” fleeing.