Syrian Resistance factions Break in 9 days the 3-years achievements of al-Assad regime

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 8 August, 2016


ElDorar AlShamia:

Only 9 days were enough for Jaysh al-Islam and Fatah Halab operations room to seize control of  wide , ​​important and strategic areas of the southwestern city of Aleppo, paved later the way to take control of one of the most important military barracks belonging to the al-Assad regime in the western Aleppo’s Gate.
The battle began as the resistance factions took control a number of strategic hills southwest of Aleppo; where Jaysh al-Fateh dominated “Mou’ta” hill and the hill of “Syriatel” as well as the area of “1070 apartments”, the town of “al-Shorfa”, al-Hekma school and the missiles battalion which made the outskirts of the “Artillery Academy” in “Ramouseh” area unguarded.
After four days of fighting , Jaysh al-Fateh forces have returned to attack the town of “Amiriyah” and the “fuels and Jamyat hills” , and the “al-Shorfa quarries”, in order to tighten the siege on the of the Artillery Academy”, located on a high plateau overlooking the whole city of Aleppo, to be gained several times by Jaysh al-Fateh and the forces of al-Assad on these areas, but the former finished this to gain the mentioned  areas definitively in conjunction with the attack from three axes on “Artillery Academy” which took control of the main buildings within 22 minutes only on Saturday then to move in and  seize control of the “technical air Force Academy”, in conjunction with the progress of the factions of Fateh Halab room to gain control of the entire Ramouseh neighborhood to meet the two factions’ fighters  and announce breaking  the siege once and for all from the eastern city of Aleppo besieged neighborhoods.
The al-Assad regime dominated nearly two weeks ago on the road of “Kastello” which is the only artery that connects the oppositions-held neighborhoods of Aleppo to the countryside, and the province of Idlib; where the al-Assad regime operations continued until it reached “Kastello” area for three years; where the regime launched in September- 2013 a process called "swarming ants" where took control the city of “al-Sfirah”  and then submitted to “Abu Jreen, Tal Aran,and then dominated suddenly the brigade 80 Alnaqarin, Aldwereneh ,Tal Sheikh Yusuf ,Sheikh Najjar industrial zone and areas of Sefat , Handarat, then Pashkoi , Ratyan and Msagan before it managed  to seize control of “al-Mallah”  area and “Kastello” Resort to be able to cut the only road to the city.
For his part, ElDorar’s correspondent, who accompanied the Jaysh al-Faeh during their campaign, which lasted full 9 days, reported that the death toll from the al-Assad's forces and the militia of Hezbollah has increased for more than  400 people, most of them  were killed in “al-Hekma School, and the Artillery Academy, as well as  the area of “1070 Apartments” and Technical Academy of Air Force.
ElDorar’s correspondent said that the troops of Jaysh al-Fateh  and Fateh Halab operations room’s fighters  are preparing to launch the fourth phase of the battle of Aleppo, which aims to take control new areas to the west and southwest, pending the outcome of the coming days of the new field Chronicle.
Battles’ Editor