7 Important notes should be read by all frightened people who worry Russian aggression against Syria

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 10 October, 2015
7 Important notes should be read by all frightened people who worry Russian aggression against Syria

The Syrian Revolution is fighting Assad, Russia and Iran from the first day, it is not new for the Syrian Revolution to face the Russian hardware and military equipment, it’s originally that the Assad regime’s air, land and sea Weapon System are Russian, and even that Russian intelligence was providing information and coordinates to the Assad regime who make use of it to bomb the rebels.
Air strikes in military science, despite it’s  a superiority weapon, but it is not decisive, and the aircraft that will be used by Russia is the same one that was and still is used by the al-Assad regime, and even the barrel bombs weapon created by the al-Assad regime and Iran is beyond the warplanes’ missiles efficiency in destruction.
Military equipment that Russia brought to the Syrian coast in is often defensive, such as anti-aircraft missile systems, and the 1700 elements half of them are technicians, not fighters, which means that Russia is considering the preservation of the coast against any interference, and will not be able to launch ground attacks currently.
It’s not right theory that to put whole Globe countries in one hand with Russia dealing  with them as being consistent, even Iran does not agree with everything that Russia is doing, let alone the United States, the traditional enemy of Russia, it's a matter of contradictions and the Syrian Revolution must be fluent to treat with.
Each regime and its allies action has the reaction of the revolution, and the unified and collective  position of the revolutionary factions and forces for the first time represents the first reaction. The rebels perhaps hide in their gut more things after Media dust raised on the Russian intervention is cleared.
Every militarily intervention in the Assad regime behalf burn its papers, and became publically and even internationally outcast, whereas who is intervening in favor of the revolution appeared to be the right-defender.
Assuming that Russia troops came, it did not bring anything new, because Iran's ability to mobilize the human Shiite elements was much larger, and mobilized tens of thousands of Iraqis, Lebanese, Afghan and Pakistan ones,  so where are they now?