Army of Islam dominates points to the Assad forces in Damascus - Tal Kurdi region

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 9 September, 2015

ElDorar AlShamia:
Army of Islam announced on its official website that its fighters have taken control of several advanced points in the Tal Kurdi area in Rural Damascus.
According to the site that more than 25 elements, including two officers from Assad's forces were killed in liberating points battles among which the Iron Plants and a mosque in addition to the destruction of the first line of defense for the women's prison as the website emphasized that the fighting is still going on in the vicinity of Adra prison to coincide with the arrival of military reinforcements  of the al-Assad forces to the region.
It comes as part of the process that was announced before the battle, which aims to free Tal Kurdi region and women's prison in Adra.