Figures and Images, this is the Assad forces END in Abu al-Dohour Airbase

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 9 September, 2015
Inside Abu al-Dohour Airbase

ElDorar AlShamia:
Al-Nusra Front tightened its control over Abu al-Dohour Airbase on Wednesday and managed to kill a large number of Assad soldiers and control large quantities of military equipment and ammunition.
Where the front was able to kill more than 100 elements of the Assad militias, and capture about 60 elements in addition to the destruction of a number of mechanisms.
Al-Nusra seized control of the squadron of MiG-21 and about 15 helicopters, they also seized four field guns , 130 rounds ,a  T55 tank ,a  Chilka vehicle , 15 heavy-caliber machine guns 23 and 17 caliber machine guns average 14.5
They also seized control of  70 military transport car -type Zell and three Cornet bases with dozens of anti-tank launcher Katyusha rockets, as thet seized control over water and fuel tanks, tractors and about 100 head of sheep and large quantities of light weapons, as well as to control MiG21 aircraft missiles  stores and 130 field cannon shells and ammunition depots medium and light weapons.
It is mentioned that there are numbers of military hardware controlled those are damaged as a result of military operations about two years ago.