Joint assault by the al-Assad Regime and Russia on north Hama ended up by the rebels progress

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 8 October, 2015
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ElDorar AlShamia:
The revolutionary factions took control on new points in the northern Hama, after addressing the ground offensive carried out by al-Assad forces backed by Russian occupiers aircraft.
Private sources for the ElDorar AlShamia network has reported that the revolutionary factions took control of the al-Madajen and Tal-Swan barriers near the town of Mork, making rebels threaten directly Maan village, the largest Alawi strongholds of al-Assad militias in the region, which was depended on  mainly by the regime in its attack on liberated  northern Hama.
Assad's forces are trying since morning to make up for yesterday’s  losses , which amounted to 20 vehicles of various types, including 16 tanks as they started artillery and aerial shelling on the villages of the liberated al-Ghab plain, in an attempt to progress on land, amid crowds of revolutionary factions to repel the attack, led by Conquest Army.