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Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 7 October, 2015

American newspapers  talks widely about Russian aggression against Syrian Civilians and some moderate rebels those fighting  the al-Assad regime

Wall Street Journal

U.S., Russia Agree to More Talks Over Air Operations in Syria

The U.S. and Russia have agreed to hold more talks aimed at reducing chances that their air operations over Syria will end in a confrontation between the two powers, U.S. officials says. 27 minutes ago

  Washington Times

Putin signs law reviving Stalin’s Soviet-era fitness standards

He hasn’t — yet — restored the old Soviet Union, but Russian President Vladimir Putin can at least revive the fitness standards of the old USSR.

Syria’s skies crowded with multiple air forces

The skies over Syria are increasingly crowded — and increasingly dangerous. The air forces of multiple countries are on the attack, often at cross purposes in Syria’s civil war, sometimes without coordination. And now, it seems, they are at risk of unintended conflict.


 Washington Post

NATO chief: Russian air incursions into Turkey ‘very serious’

Russia hits back, saying NATO trying to distort Russian aims in Syrian air campaign.

The Daily beast

Russia Is Bombing Ambulances in Syria

On the same day the U.S. struck a hospital in Afghanistan, Putin’s pilots struck medical facilities and vehicles nowhere near ISIS.

New york times

Russian Soldiers to Join Fight in Syria

MOSCOW — Ratcheting up the confrontation over the Syria war, Russia said Monday that its “volunteer” ground forces would join the fight, and NATO warned the Kremlin after at least one Russian warplane trespassed into Turkey’s airspace.



New york post

Russian ‘volunteers’ heading to Syria to fight for Assad

On the same day the U.S. struck a hospital in Afghanistan, Putin’s pilots struck medical facilities and vehicles nowhere near ISIS.

Los Angeles Times

Congress likely to cut failed Pentagon program to train Syrian rebels

Partly as a result, the Pentagon has proposed a plan to the White House that would shift the focus of future training to rebel groups already fighting in Syria, rather than try to set up a separate force from scratch.

The British Newspapers present many headlines concerning the Syrian conflict as follow

Financial Times

Outside powers at risk from Syria’s fire

Proxy wars can be very dangerous for the nations that are fuelling the conflict

The Guardian

Nato chief doubts Russia's violations of Turkish airspace were accidental

Russian incursions into Turkish airspace over the weekend “don’t look like an accident”, the Nato secretary general has said.

The daily star

Turkey warns Russia on airspace violations

Turkey warned Russia yesterday against violations of its airspace by warplanes straying over the border from Syria, as Nato called an emergency meeting over the "unacceptable" intrusion.


The daily express


NATO warns Russia: Stop attacking 'Syrian opposition and civilians' and focus on ISIS


The Independent

Russian jets 'bomb targets in ancient city of Palmyra'

The attack marks Russia's first strike against Isis controlled territory

Russia amassing a 'substantial' number of troops in Syria

Russia has built up a “substantial” military presence including ground troops in Syria, according to the Nato secretary-general.



The daily Telegraph

Voters want the RAF to bomb Isil in Syria and SAS troops on the ground

A majority of the British public support military action in Syria. But voters should be told that it might only contain and harass Isil