610 Syrian refugees Displace towards Jordan over the past 72 Hours

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 13 June, 2016

ElDorar AlShamia:

610 Syrians refugees have fled during the 72 hours from different age groups and both sexes, according to a statement issued by the Moral Guidance Directorate of the Jordanian Armed Forces.
The statement said: "Jordanian border guards transferred the refugees to shelters and camps prepared to receive them, and the cadres of the Royal Medical Services provided the necessary health care and treatments for patients with them."
Jordan hosts on its territory since the outbreak of the crisis in Syria in mid-March 2011 until the end of last May-according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees - 650 thousand and 959 displacement refugees, while the general population census showed in Jordan that the total number of Syrians who are in the Kingdom about a million and 300 thousand Syrians.