Do you remember the news of the extermination of the Iranian and the Afghan Brigade in Darra?

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 4 October, 2015

ElDorar AlShamia :
Archives - Afghan prisoners in Daraa
That was eight months ago, when the Syrian Revolution media relayed  pictures of dead and prisoners, and news of the extermination of the Iranian and Afghan attackers for the triangle of death in the Daraa.

Iran has directly supervised by Qassem Soleimani to recruit hundreds of Iranian and Afghan Shiites, and plunged them into the retaking of the countryside of Daraa Governorate battles, and the battle lasted for more than two days signed shot-dead ,wounded and prisoners among the Shiite attackers, even the rebels hunt the fugitive remnants in the fields.

We must today on the occasion of the Western media and agencies reports about  hundreds of Iranians coming re-launch , shake minds and emphasize that the Iranian intervention was not born today or yesterday, but it dated  back to the beginnings of the revolution, and without their militias , so the al-Assad regime wouldn’t stand for more than several months, so ,does some agencies colluded with the regime today”, and used the momentum of the Russian aviation intervention to intimidate the rebels from Iran? Is not the "Hezbollah" and the Iraqi Shiite militias were sponsored by the recruitment, arming and training of Iranian and came up defeated?
There is no doubt that history has never witnessed the loss of people and the owner of the land in front of its invaders  or occupiers and no matter how long it would take, and no matter what the cost, Algeria for instance, is called  a million martyrs country, but where are its invaders today? What is needed today and certainly from the revolutionary factions, especially considering the Jaish al-Fateh on the outskirts of the coast to hit a proactive and quickly to the regime and its soldiers deny this false moral dose.