Former Detainee of Hama central Jail Reveals Prison’s Secrets for ElDorar Network

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 17 May, 2016

ElDorar AlShamia:

"Abu Mazen Hamwi", a former detainee, arrived to his hometown in the countryside of Hama after a long suffering with the arrests began on the al-Assad's forces camps of al-Ghab plain area, then the airport prison of Damascus, after that  Hama central Jail before he headed out mediated by the Red Crescent after the recent deadlock process in Hama's central prison, which lasted for a full week.
In an exclusive interview with ElDorar AlShamia news network”Hamwi” revealed: there are hundreds of prisoners come from the pro-Assad regime villages, and they were detained while they were traveling on the barriers, to be selected on a sectarian basis, according to their membership without having committed any offense.
"Abu Mazen" stressed that Women detainees had been transferred to Homs’ prisons, those the regime was holding in a special prison  inside Hama central Jail, and that “Adra” prison in Damascus contains 16 thousand prisoners at least.
"Abu Mazen" revealed that the al-Assad regime officers blackmail the families of the detainees and get large sums of money from them, some up to 15 million Syrian pounds in order to transfer their children to less miserable prisons, and allow their families to visit them, but the officers and after getting the amounts , they  resend the  prisoners to where they were after they get  money where " Abu Mazen "  said: "a prisoner had been transferred  from “notorious” Sednaya prison, as many prisoners had been killed inside, to the central prison of Hama and allow his family to visit him once for a sum of 7 million Syrian pounds , but he had been returned to Sednaya prison after the money amount but the prisoner had been killed  there, where his family was officially notified of his execution process. "

And about the last deadlock took place in Hama central Jail, "Abu Mazen" confirmed that it began against the backdrop of an attempt by the al-Assad regime to transfer 4 prisoners to Sednaya prison in preparation to be executed, but the"800" prisoners,were arrested in charge of "terrorism" on the background of the events of the Syrian revolution, refused to do so, and the  detained officer generals coming from outside the prison, and two Captains  from the prison and police officers, the regime responded to that surrounding  the prison entirely by bringing special forces with light, medium weapons and armored vehicles , and used tear gas and live bullets.
The mediation of the Red Crescent resulted in the release of more than 30 prisoners, while media reports pointed to the al-Assad regime to re-arrest some of them, despite being released under the deal.