Assad's regime Humaimam officers were expelled from the airport and just soldiers to be kept to serve the Russians

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 4 October, 2015

ElDorar AlShamia :

According to a private source to  " ElDorar Network" the Assad regime has deported Syrian officers from Humaimam airport near the city of Latakia.
In the details, sources confirmed that al-Assad regime sent a telegram to the leadership of the airport where airport security officer is to inform the nine pilots to go to another military barracks in the  Latakia countryside and to retain two officers a colonel and lieutenant, as well as to keep all the soldiers and assigning them to Serve the Russian soldiers.
The source believes that the telegram had been sent from the leadership of the pillars of the Assad regime came after the Russians asked to evacuate the airport from the Syrian officers because of the confidentiality of the military and security work that they do.
They sources drew attention that the military Humaimam airport became a Russian military base in full, especially after the whole al-Assad officers were expelled after they have completed their mission in digging trenches and military roads around the airport before the arrival of the Russians to it.