Protests and demonstrations in the liberated areas against Russian aggression

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 3 October, 2015
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Protests and demonstrations in the liberated areas against Russian aggression

ElDorar AlShamia :

Several demonstrations today after Friday prayers came out in the liberated areas in Syria, condemned the Russian military intervention and its airstrikes that have killed dozens of civilians.
In the city of Aleppo came out several demonstrations after Friday prayers in the neighborhoods of al-Mash’had, al-Frdous, al-Salheen and Tareea’ al-Bab, all condemned the Russian aggression and practices of the Kurdish security forces "YPG", also hailed the rebels stationed on the fronts.
In the meantime, a demonstration went out this afternoon in the city of Azaz countryside north of Aleppo, during which participants denounced the Russian military intervention in Syria, and called for unification of military factions.
Participants also raised banners in which they highlighted the need to form "one military body", to deal with this military campaign.
And it came to a demonstration in the city of Maart al-Nomaan in Idlib countryside  in the Friday of "Russia and Iran axis of terror" condemned the Russian intervention in Syria, and held up banners say:"appealed to those who want .. you will be defeated if your jets fill the sky."
At the same time demonstrations came out in the towns of Dael and Ankhel in the countryside of Daraa against Russian aggression in Syria.
The revolutionary and popular forces on Thursday organized a protest in the Eastern Ghouta  city of Douma against Russian military intervention in Syria, raising banners condemning  the shelling launched by Moscow to Syria, that caused losses against civilians.
Protesters rejected all forms of foreign interference in Syria, and considered Russia as a partner in the war against the Syrian people