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Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 2 October, 2015

Not So many headlines appeared in US-press today : 

Financial Times

Putin risks Syria quagmire to remain step ahead of Obama

Russian president goes out of his way to subtly undermine his US counterpart

Russia targets Isis in Syria air strikes

Moscow also hits areas controlled by other anti-regime groups


Foreign Policy  

Putin’s Mediterranean Power Play in Syria

Russian military action in Syria formally began this week, with the purportedly anti-terrorist mission reportedly launching dumb bombs at everybody but terrorists. But President Vladimir Putin’s dispatch of warships and fighter aircraft isn’t ultimately about aiding his embattled ally, Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad. Rather, it’s the latest expression of a geopolitical longing that’s embedded deep in Russia’s DNA: to establish a political and military foothold in the eastern Mediterranean.Russia’s First Strikes in Syria Hit U.S. Ally, Not Islamic State


Russia’s Information Campaign Spreads From Ukraine to Syria

Since fighting broke out in eastern Ukraine 18 months ago, Moscow has used its state media and top-level denial to mask its military involvement in the conflict and rebuke growing evidence suggesting Russian troops supported — and sometimes directly fought alongside — separatist forces.


Wall Street Journal

Russian warplanes made their first incursion into Islamic State’s home base, as Moscow continued a bombardment of Syria that one official said could last for months.

Washington Times

Senators tell Obama to halt Syrian rebel training

Washington Post

Russia defends Syria airstrikes amid claims of blows to U.S.-backed rebels

Sorties target areas far from Islamic State strongholds.


The Daily beast

Russia’s Dumb Bomb Slaughter

Russia Is Using Old, Dumb Bombs, Making Syria Air War Even More Brutal

We can’t Protect Syrian Allies

U.S. Admits: We Can’t Protect Syrian Allies From Russia’s Bombs

Los Angeles Times

Russian strikes in Syria don't appear to be limited to Islamic State

Russian warplanes carried out a second day of airstrikes in Syria on Thursday, attacking opposition strongholds that imperil government control of the pivotal western and central core of the country.

As For The UK-press, it presents a few headlines

The Guardian

US-led coalition warns Russia it is fuelling extremism in Syria

Russian intervention in Syria to support Bashar al-Assad will escalate violence and fuel extremism and radicalisation, Vladimir Putin was warned on Friday as more evidence emerged that Moscow was targeting anti-Assad rebel groups and not just fighters of Islamic State.

The Independent

Syrian volunteers bombed as they rescue children from first strike

The White Helmets, an unarmed group of volunteers, perform some of the most dangerous work in Syria 

The Telegraph

Russian operations in Syria could last 'three or four months'  

Russian air strikes in support of Bashar Assad's embattled government enter third day amid mounting reports of an imminent regime ground offensive