For the First Time a UNIFIED POSITION of the revolutionary forces and factions since the beginning of the Syrian revolution

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 2 October, 2015

ElDorar AlShamia :

The revolutionary factions and the National Coalition of the Syrian opposition in a joint statement  rejects the Russian escalation, blamed the Assad regime fully responsible for transforming Syria into a hotbed for foreign intervention, arguing that the Russian intervention could be a point of no return between the Syrian people and Russia, stressing adherence to a political solution that achieves the goals of the Syrian revolution and keeps the identity of the Syrian people.

The official website of the National Coalition published the full-text of the statement , which confirmed , as well as the revolutionary factions, that the formation of the Transitional Governing Body is a process of full authority transfer no without Bashar al-Assad or symbols and pillars of his regime, with emphasis on the need to preserve the state which are the property of the Syrian people and prevent institutions disintegration, and to prevent the country into more chaos, considering that the dismantlement of the Secret Services and restructuring of the military  institution which is responsible for the killing of the Syrian people in a direct and documented way is an essential item in any political solution.
The statement pointed to the revolution forces  and the opposition to deal always in a full-positive way with the UN envoy, despite the absence of any practical results on the ground, and the emphasis on the continuation of the positive dealing with the United Nations in order to achieve the interests of the Syrian people.

The statement puts "working groups" initiative is exceeded for all United Nations resolutions concerning the affairs of Syria.

It is worth mentioning that the statement signed by the Jaish al-Islam,  Ahrar al-Sham, al-Jabha al-Shamia, and the factions of the southern front operating in Daraa, the Corps of al-Rahman, al-Etehad al- Islami le-Ajnaf al-Sham, a brigade of the Shohadaa al- Islam, and the whole actors factions on Syrian territory in addition to the Syrian National Coalition.