"Ahrar al-Sham" bombed Russian airbase in al-Sahel

Eldorar Alshamia Editor | 2 October, 2015
Humaimam targeting Latakia Airport – ElDorar Lens
"Ahrar al-Sham" bombed Russian airbase in al-Sahel

ElDorar AlShamia :

The Islamic Ahrar al-Sham movement, on Friday, bombed the military Humaimam airbase on the Syrian coast with a number of Grad rockets.
Media Office reported that the movement fighters fired a number of Grad rockets at the Humaimam airbase in the city of Jabla in the Latakia countryside, where there is a Russian airbase  scoring direct hits in leadership building at the airport, which includes Russian and Syrian officers.
Media reports confirmed that Russia has worked during the past few days on the expansion of Humaimam Airport, which is located in the its-own-name  village in the center- road  between the cities of Jabla and Qardaha which belongs Bashar al-Assad to, which began work on the establishment of a new runway, to be able to receive large shipping Russian aircraft and modern aircraft MiG (29-31).
Also Russia set up at the airport, a strategic reconnaissance station, characterized as a modern, large-capacity to monitor and receive information, setting a number of developed tanks(T-90) also put artilleries  as well as hundreds of soldiers from the Russian Marines, according to the agency " Reuters ".
It is noteworthy that Humaimam airport was the target of Grad rockets fired by rebel battalions from Lattakia countryside several times, most recently last Wednesday, where Ahrar al-Sham movement announced bombing the airport several missiles and to achieve a direct hits.